In this video I take research from research analytics and people much smarter than I am and talk about the market indicators for next year, fear the media is going to place out there with buying a home, why we are NOT in a real estate bubble crash like 2006-2008, and why it's still a good time to buy and sell a home. I hope you find that and the 2 pictures below I reference in the video helpful


 Illustrates how sales prices only went down once after a recession and how recessions tend to increase prices of homes not decrease. So... waiting for a crash like 2006-2008 is not a good strategy to purchase a home and why people have already missed out on tons of equity and financial stability. Many people have lost out on $50-$200k in equity b/c they based their info on "hear say" not facts. It's still a good time to purchase a home if you can do that.


In the video I discuss this chart and how it relates to population size being 30% more now vs 2006-2008 and we have much less inventory. So the idea that we will see a significant decrease in home values and price is a myth not a fact.