Pricing Your Home Right



In today’s market it is imperative that you price your house correctly the first time.  If you don’t price your house right the first time you are subject to reducing the price in the future.  This isn’t always a bad thing, however, it can place a stigma on your house when a prospect comes to see it.  For example, the may ask “why did the reduce it?  Is there something wrong with it?  Are they desperate?  Can we ask ever more off the price?”  As you can see the prospect begins to talk themselves into a “lowballing perspective,“  which encourages them to negotiate in the same way.  This is not where you want to be.  Therefore, make sure you try and price it right the first time.  Websites like trulia do NOT present a reliable market value for your home.  So, do yourself a favor and have a Realtor do this for you or use and appraiser.  

Price your home by:

  1. Compare your house to similar houses in your neighborhood. If you don’t live in a neighborhood, find homes within your zip code.
  2. Only use comparisons that have similar square footage, floor layout, fences, pools, garages, acreage, etc.
  3. Use your county tax assessor to look at similar houses (these are not always the best comparisons) 
  4. Consult a professional like myself