When Purchasing a Home Make Sure You do the Following

1. Get prequalified:  I know you've probably encountered several agents who ask "Have you been prequalified?" and will not show you a house unless you do so.  The reason behind that is because we, as realtors, don't want to hurt your feelings.  You see, if we look at your dream home and then find out that you can't afford it then no other house will compare. You will constantly be thinking about "I wish I could have bought that house off 25th and 2nd."  So, to avoid disapointment get prequalified.  If you aren't too sure who to go to, give me a call and I'll direct you to someone.

2. Work with a Professional:  I say this because as a Realtor I will help you in taking care of all the paper work, negotiations, coordinating services with inspections (termite, home inspection and appraisal) and the lender and attorney. It's a lot to juggle! If you're doing this on your own without representation and just one of these processes gets placed out of order or delayed it could cost you money, time and legal fee's you didn't expect. And the good news is if you're a buyer you don't pay a Buyer's Agent, like myself. So why would you not use a professional to help you? Trust me, it is worth using a Realtor like myself because I've learned through experience, been taught, and trained to handle these matters quickly and efficiently. Let me help you.

3. Look for a home that fits your lifestyle: As a rule of thumb, you don't want the largest home in the smallest neighborhood, you want the smallest home in the largest neighborhood.  In addition to this make sure that the house fits your lifestyle.  Do you, or will you, travel a lot?  If so, you may want a condominium with lawn maintenance included.  Do you like a challenge?  Then maybe a fixer-upper is for you.  Don't be afraid of upgrading, it can add significant value to your home in the future.  Caution:  Don't personalize too much because it may not be personal to the next  buyer. You want your home to look as "model home like" as possible.

4. Look at the flow:  Before purchasing a home make sure that it fits the traffic in your life.  Do you have parties, get togethers, etc?  Choose the floor plan that works best for you.